UCare Pharmacy

Bettering Cambodia's healthcare, one patient at a time

In the spring of 2023, I was a Product Manager Intern at UCare Pharmacy. I worked on various projects over the course of 4 months, ranging from app development to designing and creating a website.

My role as a project manager in charge of technical projects in a company with few to no technical employees made me realize the importance of being understandable and having a clear and concise way of explaining technical lingo. I am proud to see that the work I did is now available to anyone as the application and the website I worked on are now live and viewed by tens of thousands of people every month. However, what I am proudest of is that I was able to push the design to be more inclusive and tried my best to create tools that will have a positive impact on Cambodia’s overall healthcare situation.

Here are some cool things I helped make:
- A mobile application to allow users to order medication and have it delivered directly to their house.
- A website that allows UCare Pharmacy to communicate directly with their customers and post articles about the best ways to stay healthy.
- An internal tool that reduced the time spent tracking and updating the inventory.