Work hard, Have fun, Make history

In the fall of 2023, I joined Amazon in Luxembourg as a Business Analyst Intern. For six months, I worked within Amazon Transportation Services (ATS) where I focused on data analysis and improving operations. My main tasks involved developing and enhancing tools using Python, SQL, and various AWS services like S3 and Redshift to streamline logistics. I played a key role in creating and maintaining QuickSight dashboards that provided over 150 users with real-time, precise data to support quick and effective decision-making that met our stakeholders’ needs.

Working at Amazon was a great opportunity to better my technical skills and improve my ability to communicate and collaborate with colleagues across Europe. Here are a few highlights of my contributions:

- I developed an analytical tool that minimized the need for manual data processing, which improved data accuracy and accessibility.
- I worked on refining analytical models to boost their predictive accuracy, helping the team make more strategic operational decisions.
- I designed a detailed metrics dashboard to monitor key performance indicators across our European operations, which encouraged a culture of data-driven decision-making.