Finding Ultra, Rejecting Middle Age, Becoming One of the World's Fittest Men, and Discovering Myself

Rich Roll
2 minute read

Rich Roll's Journey from Addiction to Ultra-endurance made me want to put on my shoes and go for a run!

In 'Finding Ultra,' Roll shares a powerful story of personal transformation and redefining physical potential.

Occasionally, a book falls into your hands that shifts yourperspective, not just on a particular issue but on life itself. This was myexperience with "Finding Ultra" by Rich Roll, an insightful memoirabout transcending the limits of middle age to become one of the world's fittestmen. This read was outside my usual selection—recommended by a former managerat Amazon whose judgment and taste in literature I deeply respect.

"Finding Ultra" is more than just a memoir; it's apowerful narrative about overcoming adversity and rediscovering oneself. RichRoll candidly shares his descent into alcoholism, the loss of his job and closerelationships, and how he drifted away from his passion for athletics andswimming. What makes his story resonate is not just his fall but his remarkablerise after realizing the destructive path he was on, and his commitment tochange his life drastically.

What I particularly admired about this book was the style ofwriting. Unlike many nonfiction books that maintain a straightforward, didactictone, Roll's memoir is imbued with intention and suspense. It reminded me ofthe feeling I had when reading "Harry Potter" for the firsttime—utterly unable to put it down. Although some passages felt slightlyprolonged, the soul that Roll pours into his narrative keeps you engaged,similar to a gripping fantasy or sci-fi novel.

Roll's openness about his struggles is another aspect of thebook that stood out to me. His honesty about his journey into addiction andsubsequent recovery allows readers to see their vulnerabilities reflected inhis story. This vulnerability is not just moving; it’s also a powerful reminderof the human capacity for transformation.

Additionally, the practical advice, recipes, and wellnesstips included at the end of the book provide actionable guidance that caninspire change. This practical component, often missing from similar books, makesit even easier to apply what you learned in the book.

If I were to rate "Finding Ultra," it would earn asolid 8/10 from me. The book's beauty lies in its ability to engage even thosewho might initially be skeptical about its themes of running, veganism, andwellbeing. Initially, I was concerned that this book might preach without bias,promoting a lifestyle unattainable for the average reader. However, Roll'snarrative is inclusive, emphasizing self-forgiveness and finding personalmeaning, whether that leads to endurance running or an entirely different path.

"Finding Ultra" challenges every reader toreconsider what they think they know about physical limits and personalpotential. It is a testament to how every self-help book should bewritten—engaging, honest, and transformative. My thanks go to Rich Roll forsharing his journey so openly and to my manager for recommending such a goodread.